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New York Man Makes $400 a Day Hustling Chess. Ambakisye Osayaba!

According to a story run by the New York Post, Osayaba once held a job cleaning up Central Park. 
But he quit that gig six years ago to take up chess as a full-time profession, and he now makes as much as $400 a day playing the game in Union Square Park.


IM Pavel Shkapenko wins VI Maria Trafalska Memoriam (Poland, Gdansk, 14.10.2017)

Final standing, 9 round temp 10' + 3".
PTitNameFed.ELORankSco.MBch.Bch.W1IMShkapenko, PavelRUSR 243424507.545.0057.5062mKoc, PrzemysławPOLR 237124007.042.0053.0053IDemianowicz, MaciejPOLR 200320006.543.5055.5054CMTeclaf, PawełPOLR 216422006.542.5054.0055kBugalski, MichałPOLR 209022006.540.5052.5066kWyczling, BartoszPOLR 199722006.539.5050.5067FMKempinski, TomaszPOLR 214323006.5<